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Therapy Session


Working with individual adults and adolescents

Working with individuals, I will not only explore what is important to you as a person, but also discuss how your values, beliefs, emotions and past experiences impact on you at present. I also believe that for real long lasting change, it is useful to explore more widely your relationships and interactions with others, to collaboratively identify the changes that will improve your life. Areas for work may include: ​

  • relationship issues

  • emotional disorders including anxiety and depression,

  • parenting

  • managing change and life transitions

  • grief and loss

  • how your faith or spiritual beliefs impact on day to day life

  • managing the impact of chronic illness 

  • supporting ageing parents 

  • workplace issues.

At present, I do not routinely provide individual child therapy, but will explore the needs of your family situation. I believe change in families is more effective when all members can work together on the problems.  My aim would be to strengthen and support parenting and family relationships.


Relationship issues

Working with relationship and couple issues, I may at times see you on your own, and at other times may have joint sessions, with a partner or other family members, where it is safe to do so. Your issues may be around communication and conflict resolution, learning to understand each other’s experience, developing greater connection or rebuilding after relationship breakdown.

Working with Families

In Family Therapy, I work with family members generally from 10 years of age, mostly in joint sessions with some or all members of the family. Together we can explore the patterns that have developed and discuss strategies to break these cycles, and explore healthy ways of communicating, interacting and rebuilding closeness and connection. 

Areas for change may include:

  • Parenting

  • Separated families and step-parenting

  • Separated parents forming blended families

  • Rebuilding after domestic violence

  • Family members with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression

  • Children transitioning to secondary school   



For supervision, we will discuss your focus and areas of growth and what I can provide – including learning, support and workplace needs. I am a clinical member of PACFA and AAFT, and a member of the AASW. These sessions may be face to face or by zoom.

Development of seminars can be discussed – my areas of interest are domestic violence awareness, responding to domestic violence and engaging with men in counselling. I have published journal articles on the experience of rural Social Work (Australian Social Work) and Developing a systemic framework for working with Couples around domestic violence (ANZJFT).

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